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Project RESTORE works with up to 75 non-custodial fathers who are in jail for nonpayment of child support. The program provides job training, parenting and life skills programs.

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Project RESTORE is a program that brings male Enterprise Community residents together to address their needs and the needs of the community. Part of the program is the Eastside Men's Breakfast Club, which is a weekly meeting for 35-50 homeless and unemployed men to share frustrations and deal with issues affecting them

The program received national acclaim recently in The Washington Times:

The child-support inmates [in South Carolina] are notorious for recidivism. "It's a revolving door," Mr. [Keith] Novak says.

Which is why prison officials, judges, child-support enforcers and the mayor perked up a few years ago when the Rev. Dallas D. Wilson Jr., known as "Brother Dallas," proposed Project Restore.

"It's a combination of work-release, life-skills and relationship programs "but with a faith-based and ownership component," Mr. Wilson says. The unique aspect of the program is its construction company, in which the men can become part owners, he says.


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