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Board of directors

Our Boards are compressed of many individuals who through the years have had countless dealing with municipalities, foundations and industry. These individuals have interacted with the state and federal government via contracts, loans and or grants awarded. Collectively, our board members have been in private enterprise for approximately two hundred (200) years or more total. Financially, our board members would be considered successful based upon longevity and total revenue earned.


Our President, Dallas H. Wilson, Jr., ThD, a community activist and organizer, an Ashoka Fellow , viewing HARYOU Act, in 1964, the first Community Action Agency to be legislated by the "Great Society" referendum moving forward to South Carolina in 1976 and Waccamaw Economic Opportunity Council Incorporated is the visionary for this organization. In 1984, he continued by moving his thoughts and vision to Charleston, South Carolina for the express purpose of successful interaction with the "low-wealth" community and those who were "up-and-out", hoping to be a conduit and an advocate for the "truly" less fortunate. This dream, now a reality, has continued to this date. These affiliations have caused him to write, monitor and evaluate governmental and private industry grants, projects and programs which allowed him to gain expertise the field of grant writing and administering projects following determined needs, objective and goals consistent with the purposes, mission statement and goals, leading to procedurally sound results.

Growing up in a City such as New York, specifically the borough of Brooklyn, the President had access to and involvement with the Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration, which paved the way for such advocacy groups as Ocean-Hill Brownsville Federation of Citizen Participation, Bedford Stuyvesant Self Help Organization and Williamsburg Concerned Residents Association. Being involved in the initial planning phases of the above-mentioned groups and the reorganization of such organizations of Ocean-Hill Brownsville Community Board of Concerned Parents (which produced one of the initial magnet schools concepts in the state of New York), the experience gained was invaluable for our current approach. Also, through this commitment, the required submittal of a myriad of grants applications and evaluation plans were produced.

Dr. Wilson is a principal and senior consultant in the overall organization grant writing, strategic business management, resource development, and marketing for non-profits and small business. A mission driven individual, he provides counsel in social/business development and helps non-profit organizations reach their full potential. A graduate in Economics from Brooklyn College and the University of South Carolina (Coastal Carolina); an undergraduate degree from the Berean College, Springfield, MO and a ThM & ThD from Gulf Coast Seminary, along with 30 years of honed experience. He provides counsel in business management, fund-raising, strategic planning, marketing and human resource development.

Dr. Wilson has served as a Chief Operating Officer of a major Enterprise Renewal Community not-for-profit organization. As CEO of a multi-million dollar spiritual/social community development organization, he has restored profitability to a community of un-tapped resources. Senior advisor to a board of leading Charleston businessmen, Dr. Wilson serves as the point man of for this nonprofit conglomerate. Other accomplishments also include taking control of a faltering community action agency with revenues over seven hundred thousand dollars a year, raising the revenue in four years to 4.5 million dollars. Dr. Wilson increased profitability by almost 400% within the aforementioned 48-month period. He served as a lead production analyst for a successful specialty firm for more than 4 years and community director of a leading northeastern community development process for a major provider of community service system solutions. He provides client agencies the training to become self-reliant and financially secure. Dr. Wilson demonstrated on a national level that by facilitating grants development, fledgling organizations could fulfill their missions. He currently serves on the board for four statewide non-profit organizations.

The President focuses our organization a condensed 7.3 square-mile area of service as the Enterprise Renewal Community.


Our volunteers come from various walks of life and a multiplicity of experiences with governments and municipalities. Associated with this approach are teachers/professors, ministers, businessmen, medical & legal professionals, tradesmen, both high school and college students, military personnel, and single-head-of-household residents. We have access to people, who have access to the Captains of Industry and the like.


We are fortunate to have as an intricate part of our approach to crime and violence, Christian Accounting Concepts and (--------), a Certified Public Accountant who are sensitive to the needs of the Eastside of Charleston. This individual offers funding sources of the opportunity to know that we are responsible in the fiduciary manner, and accountable in a programmatic way, insuring not only a positive program, but also a fiscally sound program.


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