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Philip Simmons Children's Garden

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The Philip Simmons Children's Garden will be unveiled in February 15, 2004 to commemorate the artistic skill and social contributions of its world-renowned namesake, master craftsman Philip Simmons. The Garden is located in front of the architecturally prized, Carolopolis Award Recipient, the Josiah Smith Tennent House at the corner of Blake and East Bay streets in Charleston, S.C.'s Eastside neighborhood.

The Philip Simmons Children's Garden will be a haven where children and adults can come for a time of reflection, to pay honor, to appreciate its beauty and new life, and witness the power of community revitalization. Some of the features of the garden will include various sizes of inscribed commemorative bricks, stones, bronze plaques, stone benches, a water wall, a bust and two life-size sculptures.

One statue is Mr. Philip Simmons (Our Local Hero - A National Icon) and the other represents Christ Jesus, depicting ultimate service.

The purpose of the Philip Simmons Children's Garden is threefold:

  • The garden will also serve to educate people on who Mr. Philip Simmons is….
  • We want to help change the image of Charleston's Eastside Community, which is often inaccurately viewed as being unsafe and threatening.
  • To bring tourism to the Eastside Community of Charleston, South Carolina

Contact information

Web Address: http://www.simmonschildrensgarden.com/
Email Address: elpis@agapeministriesofchas.org

Mailing Address: MSC Box 1003
701 East Bay Street - Suite 3A100
Charleston, South Carolina 29403

Telephone Number: 843.534.0201
Facsimile Number: 843.853.0062

Contact Person: Dallas H. Wilson, Jr., ThD - Garden Coordinator


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